For the parents of children!

Our prayer is that Durham Memorial will be a place where you will not only feel comfortable bringing your children, but you will want to bring them and tag along as well.  To help with that, we provide the following information for parents to understand how our Children's Ministry works.

Mission: Durham Memorial Baptist Children’s Ministries exists to teach children biblical principles in a fun, safe, and secure environment; to motivate them to walk closely with The Lord, and to encourage them to be Godly examples in their generation. We want the parents to be the Spiritual Leaders in their households and take an active role in their child’s faith. Most importantly, we want every child to know how exceptionally special they are to God and to us. 



Equip kids through biblical teachings and practical application

Empower parents to be the spiritual leaders of their household

Elevate Jesus in every area of life through action and word


Ethical Statement:

The purpose of DMBC Children’s Ministries is to serve God by teaching, empowering, and motivating children through biblical lessons and interactive activities, in a sanitary and secure environment. We commit to being abundantly joyful in our task of reaching children with the sincere love of Jesus Christ. We commit to patiently and lovingly care for your child, as well as provide a comforting, educational and fun environment for them to learn and thrive. Trust is of utmost importance to us, and we will do everything in our power to earn the trust of each parent and child. We want this to be a safe place where children feel like they can be themselves, learn about Christ, and make great and lasting friendships.  We want your experience at DMBC Children’s Ministries to be the most amazing children’s ministry experience you’ve ever had. We are unapologetically about serving Jesus Christ through children and families, and we will do everything to keep that vision in the forefront of our thoughts and actions. We will also never stop looking for ways to better ourselves, the ministry, and our walks with Christ. God is our first love. 


Our Learning Theory:

We believe in a multi-age learning environment where children can teach and learn from each other. We also know that children thrive when they are placed with other children from various age groups. This eliminates clicks and virtually stops bullying. It also empowers the older kids to teach the younger ones, and the younger ones feel so encouraged and excited to be with the bigger kids. 

Because this is how we envision DMBC Children Ministries, you can expect your child to be placed in a group of about 10-15 children, from various age groups each week. These groups will participate in praise and worship, crafts, Bible adventures and games together. This set-up builds teamwork and camaraderie.

Each week your child will have the opportunity to meet new friends, build their relationship with Christ, and be inspired by their peers and teachers to live a life that is honoring and obedient to God. It will be an action-packed, totally exciting adventure!